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Shawnee Recommended Reading List
By members of the Appalachian Shawnee Tribe


Chief Don Spirit Wolf Greene recommends:      
Shawnee James Howard    
Shawnee Traditions Don Greene Genealogical and historical information Webmaster recommended
Civilization Thomas Wildcat Alford    
Shawnese Traditions C.C. Trowbridge    
Richard Winnemac/Catfish Carlton      
The Wars of the Iroquois George Hunt how European trade goods affected intertribal relationships.  
Guns, Germs and Steel Jared Diamond how the Native American never really had a chance once the Europeans found the New World.  
Indian Givers and  Native Roots Jack Weatherford The food legacy that the Native Americans have given to the world; the economics of contact with Europeans.  
American Colonies Alan Taylor A detailed analysis of the development of colonial America.  
Indian Captivity O. M. Spencer (Dover Books) In 1792, Oliver Spencer, a 10 yr old boy, was captured by Shawnee on the eastern outskirts of Cincinnati and spent the next 8 months in captivity. A firsthand description of tribal life, social organization, and ethical practices.  
Manetoo Hateakwa Spirit Crow      
THE OHIO COMPANY PAPERS, 1753-1817 Being Primarily Papers Of The “Suffering Traders” of Pennsylvania Kenneth P. Bailey 1947. has a large list of Trade Companies, traders and the names of the Indians that they were trading with. It lists the trade items and value of each. I understand that it’s the first time the Blue Jacket is listed  
 " Gardians of the Valley" Edward Cashin is about to be released you can pre-order it at It is about our Great Grandfather Squirrel King.

Copyright 1996  These are my own working genealogy files that I share with you.  The errors are my own.  But, perhaps they will give you a starting point.  All original writing is copyrighted.  Webmaster