Covenanter Martyrs and Transportees

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The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition.  2000.  

1. One who makes a covenant. 2. Covenanter A Scottish Presbyterian who supported either of two agreements, the National Covenant of 1638 or the Solemn League and Covenant of 1643, intended to defend and extend Presbyterianism

Covenanter Martyrs and Transportees:  An Annotated Index of People, Places and Events in Scotland and America c. 1998, copyright 2002, I've put the facts I found
in a very brief style, so I've typed in a few explanatory notes at various places.
 If you would like to send this to the other Ramsey contacts, I would be
 Near the bottom are some bits about Ramseys in 1700s Pennsylvania, in  Presbyterian congregation of Reverend John Cuthbertson from Edinburgh,
 Scotland, who ministered for 40 years, riding on horseback until just before  he died.   It has exact dates 99% of time, and usually the place of the
 event, and there is a chronological list which helps one to see who lived near who, and often whose home baptism occurred in etc
If you would like a list of surnames found among Scottish Covenanter  Presbyterians who often took refuge in Northern Ireland/Ulster, and which
 are also often seen in America, I can send it immediately    lots of the  names are unusual though most we are all acquainted with  **********
Andrew Ramsay, minister of Edinburgh, Covenanter, a younger son of Sir  David Ramsay who was holder of  substantial Barony of Balmain; commissioner of Kincardineshire, 1609, per  Makey's The Church of the Covenant  1637-1651.   /book published in Edinburgh, Scotland/

 Ramsay, Gavine; signed in 1638 the National Covenant   /Scotland, the  Presbyterians stating their beliefs and  differences from the king/
 Isabell Ramsey, sw of Wm. Stewart at Castel Stewart The Mains, parishioner,  Penighame Wigtownshire 29 Sep 1684 by Mr James Colhoun p. 49 of Parish Lists of Wigtown and Minnigaff,
 1684; sw-serv.woman.  /Wigtownshire is the southwesternmost corner of Scotland and only about 25 miles across the sea from Belfast, Northern Ireland/  also  this Parish Lists is found  ONLINE, and should  appear at the very bottom of this email

 Ramsay, James; signed 1638 National Covenant

 Ramsay, M. A., Edinburgh; signed 1638 National Covenant

 Robert Ramsay, minister of Glasgow, per Makey's The Church of the Covenant

 Robert Ramsay, Covenanter, banished 1679, of parish of Kirkmichael, among 200 who drowned at Mulehead, per Charles A. Hanna's famous book, The Scotch-Irish publ. about 1910.
 /250 men were locked in the hold of the ship Crown of London, wrecked in the very violent seas near Orkney Islands north of Scotland in Nov 1679, after the prisoners had been kept out of doors with little food or water from June 1679 in Greyfriars' Churchyard in Edinburgh SCT -- of these about 50 escaped from the ship, 40 were recaptured, and 10 made it to Ireland, one of
 whom was a Waddell, and Waddell's descendant, Joseph Wadell is the author of Annals of Augusta, Virginia, very valuable on 18th century   a sailor took pity and unlocked the hold
of the ship    David Dobson of Scotland in his recent books lists thousands of immigrants from Scotland James Ramsay, with Argyle, prisoner, dismist and liberat, swore

Jul 1685.  PC11.330.  James Ramsey, not with Argyle, offered to take oath.  Jul 1685.   /Argyle is Archibald Campbell, Marquis of Argyle who was a Covenanter Presbyterian, and was beheaded after this attend to break out some other Covenanter  prisoners at Stranraer jail in Wigtownshire.  Argyle's father Arch. had also been beheaded 1661 after King Charles II regained the throne from the Puritan Oliver Cromwell who had held it 10 years or so   The next Campbell son after the 1689 overthrow of King James VII of Scotland who was also James I of England led to Campbell becoming a Duke/

 Ramsay, John; William; at Ferrie; list of parish of Kirkmcbrik/Kirkmabreck [vicinity of Wigtown and nearby  Kirkcudbright, Scotland], c. Sep-Oct 1684, PC9.619.
 Ramsy, Lucretia, at Broigh; list of parish of Kirkmcbrik/Kirkmabreck [vic.  Wigtown], c. Sep-Oct 1684, PC9.617  /the reason I listed these people in my book is that in 1684 and 1685 the
 king required all ministers to make  a list of every person in their parish, mark the names of those who were  dissenters or presbyterians and turn it in to the Sheriff, and the list exists online   The king's purpose was to arrest, imprison, banish all presbyterians!

 Ramsey: William, Fairfield m. Sarah Seeley 1759; per NJ Marriage Records 1665-1800.   /I'm sort of surprized  that there was only one Ramsey marriage, as some names have many

 William Ramsey of NJ was pastor of Presbyterian church after Daniel Elmer (early 1700s, place maybe Cumberland Co. NJ).

William Ramsay signed Arbroath Declaration, 1320.  /the Abroath Declaration was a letter on animal skin, with little wax seals attached by all signers, written to the Pope, announcing that Scotland was totally independent  from England - among the signers was King Robert Bruce I  the Scots still have their copy of it, and the seals  are hanging from little strips cut at the bottom of the parchment, like a sort of fringe   This William Ramsay would have been a very important person, probably of the Dalhousie Ramsay  family

 One ___ Ramsay of Boghouse, fined 400 Scottish pounds, Galloway, per Rev.
 William Mackenzie's History of Galloway, 2 volumes.   /it is certain that this was in the time of the persecution of the presbyterians -- Galloway is the area covering much of southern Scotland

 Ramsay of Boghouse; nonconformist in religion.

 Ramsay in the Mains of Arniston; on Wanted List, per Mackenzie's History
of Galloway

 Ramsay (marriages James m. Jean Birney 1761; Jas. m. Margaret Stuart 1777; Jean m. Joseph Glen 1790; John
 m. Phoebe (Ramsay?) 1771; Margaret m. William Barclay 1765;

Margaret m.Wm. Cross 1776;

Robert m. Mary  Mitchel1 1770;

Susan m. John Reid 1778;

T. m. Betty McDowel 1761),
 (baptisms Agnes 1766

 Ann 1755

Jean 1768

John 1753

Mary 1771

Robert 1776

Sam 1762

Sam 1766

Susannah 1751

 Thomas 1757

Thomas 1764

Wm.  1773 all ch. of T./Thomas Ramsay;

Agnes 1788

James 1781

Jean 1766

 Jean 1779

John 1759

 John 1771

John 1764

Joseph 1769

Martha 1763

Mary 1753

 Sam 1766

Samuel 1776

Sarah 1774

Thomas 1757

Thomas 1760

Thomas 1786

Wm. 1762

William 1771 all ch. of  James/Jas.;

Ann 1752

 James 1771

Margaret 1754

Wm. 1773 all ch. of Robert

Ann 1778

Barbara 1773

 Elizabeth 1782

James 1779

John 1789

Mary 1776

Susanna 1772 all ch. of John;

Elizabeth 1770

Mary 1770

Robert  1770 all ch. of Susana;

James 1754  ch. of Joseph; 

Robert 1769 ch. of Jean) and mentioned in Register of.... Rev. John Cuthbertson Covenanter
Minister 1751-1791 in America.   

Great majority of  marriages/baptisms  will be Pennsylvania  /Rev. Cuthbertson, well educated as were all Presbyterian pastors, came in 1751 to America, Pennsylvania, and served on horseback until 1791, kept a leather register which still exists some of these people will have moved into huge Augusta Co. Virginia in 1700s   The book is out in paperback, or was in about 1999, about $18.00, at Genealogical Publishing Company, and was carefully transcribed and indexed in 1936 by S. Helen Field or Fields, and sorted by geographical locales etc
Cuthbertson visited Maryland, New Jersey, etc but mostly traveled over Pennsylvania, even over to the western part before it was well settled

Ramsay, Ramsey items in Robert Douthat Stoner's A Seed-Bed of the Republic: Early Botetourt, include

Ramsey, Benjamin 130;

Bertholomew 232;

Richard 130, 232.
Ramsey, Bartholomy 100 acr taxed 1785 Botetourt Co. VA, source Stoner.
Ramsey, Josiah 1772 Capts. Doack & Crockett's Comp's -parts of Montgomery Co & Roanoke, from list 9 in  Stoner.     /Montgomery was cut from Botetourt Co which had been cut from
Augusta Co VA
Ramsey, Thomas & sons William & Josiah (3) in 1772 Capts. Bledsoe &
Looney's Companies on the Clinch River, VA list 13, Stoner  (southwestern

Ramsey, Josiah, shown Remsey, Battle of Point Pleasant, Ohio and Kanawha  Rivers, 10 Oct 1774, per various sources.   /Congress in early 1900s passed an item stating that Oct 1774
Battle of Point Pleasant was the first battle of the Revolution because the commanding officer refused to take another order from John Murray, Lord Dunmore, Royal Governor of Virginia, because he felt Dunmore had set him and his 1,500 men up to be killed by the British and Indians the commanding officer's own brother was among the dead, and he traveled rapidly  to see George Washington and told him what happened   Dunmore went back to England   I've typed up all of the names of the soldiers, those slain, and more info   I do know that  many of the men there were from Virginia and Pennsylvania about 1,222 names

Joel Jr., and Thomas Ramsey served with Washington at Valley Forge.
/found that list of names online several  years ago/
 Mary Lou    site has online, free, the whole 1880
 http://www.acronet/~robokopp/scottish.html   Scottish folk songs, words,

has photos of McHaffies including William Robert McHaffie Sr., his parents Richard & Emerine, William, his 2nd wife Stella (Howard) McHaffie, portrait of their 5 sons, and Mary Lou's Daddy, Lester Howard McHaffie
 9,000 people, 1684, in s.w. Scotland; go to Name Index and select, obtain
 page number, scroll to Search For Parish, click to see a


Copyright 1996  These are my own working genealogy files that I share with you.  The errors are my own.  But, perhaps they will give you a starting point.  All original writing is copyrighted.  Webmaster

Copyright 1996  These are my own working genealogy files that I share with you.  The errors are my own.  But, perhaps they will give you a starting point.  All original writing is copyrighted.  Webmaster

Copyright 1996  These are my own working genealogy files that I share with you.  The errors are my own.  But, perhaps they will give you a starting point.  All original writing is copyrighted.  Webmaster