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Southern-Style History Main Page

Editors Note: Southern History is my passion. I write historical fiction so much of my research will show up here. Some of these links lead to clusters of articles that you will enjoy!



The story of the South is an ongoing one.  It begins with individuals, their time and their place.  So many stories to tell!  We'll try to tell a few. 

For the ongoing archaelogical discoveries about our Native American heritage I recommend that you read Richard Thornton's books and visit his website
Bay County Timeline

Ira Hutchinson wrote Some Who Passed This Way. This is basically a chronology of his book.
Shawnee Heritage
Shawnee Recommended Reading List
Mission San Luis Tallahassee, Florida   This recreation of Mission San Luis is built on the actual footprint of the original mission. The Council House is amazing!
Creek Indian History      
Houston County, Alabama     Genealogical trees of first families in Houston County, Alabama. A very interesting sociological look at a small southern town.
Wilcox County, Alabama     Plantation houses of acclaim. The tour of Furman is worth taking! My novels THE MINT JULEP MYSTERIES are set here.
World War II Remembered     Jean Gillis Burson's personal story as a nurse in World War II at the Battle of the Bulge.
Irish Scottish Timeline Comparison

Map of Ireland      
Covenanters and Martyrs      
Elkanah Burson's Speech on Memorial day       
First Alabama Muster Roll      
The Confederate Soldiers with Houston County ties      
Wilcox County True Blues the story of a flag and the men who served under it      
Wilcox County True Blues Welcome home      
James Drury Flowers Civil War Story      
Decisive Battles in World History
Women in History a Reflection
Dates We Should Remember
William Arthur Wheatley's The Englishman and the Revolutionary      
 Oscar Tompkins Wiregrass Sagas
Writing Historical Fiction Swimming with Serpents