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Houston County, Alabama, Heritage


Houston County Family Histories

“Tis something akin to the immortals that makes us long not to be altogether unworthy of the fame of our ancestors.” 

E. Burson

Let me introduce you to the history and people of Dothan, Houston County, Alabama.










I love this old sign.  It tried to situate us into the larger world.  Our population now is probably between 65,000 to 70,000 people.  However, Dothan is really the hub of the "Wiregrass" area with surrounding communities in Houston County adding significantly to the population that does business in this community. (Wire grass was a type of grass that was distinctive to this area during our pioneer era and now only exists in local history museums and agricultural facilities to show what once was significant.  I actually hate using that word now because no one in the bigger world would ever think of using that as a "search" word for this area.)

When you grow up in a town seeing the same people frequently, the names become familiar.  We Southerners like to make the family connections.  Our favorite salutation is "How's your mom n 'em ?" (translated "How are your mother and the others in your family?" )

Our elders knew all of the relationships.  However, as those elders pass away, that "knowledge" of the relationships passes away leaving the rest of us curious and in need of guidance in understanding our "roots.".  Being one of those inquisitive people and being married to a member of a "pioneer family" (Dowling/Ramsey) that became a topic I became interested in.  So, I decided  to remedy that in our little corner of the world...Houston County... in a small degree.

I started with my husband's Dowling family line (Dowling Family of the South by R.A. Dowling) and simply connected as many as possible to that line.  You'd be amazed at how many connections there truly are. 

I then became curious as to how these people connect to the development of our community

 If you look to the left you will see many family names.  These are "pioneer" families of Dothan. 

I used the books and resources listed below in my research, in addition to just picking up and calling folks I thought would know the answers.










Early Mayors of Dothan

These Genealogies are incomplete, but they reflect the continuity of these pioneer lines in the cultural, economic, political and social arenas of Houston County.  You may send additions or corrections to Sharman Ramsey

 If you want to add your .ged file to this, I use Legacy as my genealogy program.  You can create a Legacy with the File: Export selection and I could import your Legacy of .ged file. 

Your pictures would be a welcome addition to our files. You can go to the website for Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints and download a free copy of Personal Ancestral File that would get you started in organizing your family history.  You can create a .ged file with this program.


"Lives of Great Men all remind us
We should live our lives sublime
And Departing leave behind us
Footprints in the sands of time."

Family Name Title Author Location
Spann family The History of the Spann Family Joseph Earle Steadman, Sr. possession of J. Philip Shealy
Dowling Family Dowling Family of the South R. A. Dowling, Jr. with the loving assistance of his wife Agnes Westerfelt Dowling Hart Dowling is in the process of adding to the book.  Email him with your information.
Adams Family History of the Adams Family L. H. Adams, Jr.  
Albrittons Some Descendants of Francis Albrighton Eleanor Davis McSwain  
Flowers Flowers Chronicles P. B. Flowers, Jr. In the possession of Ila Flowers Lewis
Flowers The Descendants of William Hampton Flowers P. B. Flowers In the possession of Ila Flowers Lewis
Saliba Saleeby-Saliba Worldwide Family: From Ancient to Modern Times, Callie R. Saleeby Stanley In the possession of Norma Saliba Hanson

Family Genealogies

68 Perspective

Tribute to William Hampton Flowers

1st Alabama Infantry



Architectural History

Area Authors









Descendants of Henry Spann

Dowling genealogy

Earl Register World War II

Early Colonial and Indian History.htm


Elmore Connection to Alabama History






History of Early Dothan


Indian Heritage

James Drury Flowers Civil War Story


Legal Community



Medicine Men




Oscar Tompkins Wiregrass Sagas

Our Music History





Southeast Alabama Family Histories

Spanish American War



Successful Native Sons

Table of Contents

The Confederate Soldier

The Englishman and the Revolutionary

Things to Do in Southeast Alabama


World War I

World War II


Wiregrass Families


Family Histories Collected by Evelyn Mullen Isbell for Landmark Park in Landmark Library
Adkins Edgar Adkins  
Andress Elaine Andress Lokey  
Armstrong Mrs. G. A. Armstrong  
Askew, Henry Fay Askew  
Bates, Dr. Irby Clyde (My Father's First Five Years of Practicing Medicine (1911-1916) Francis Bates Grigsby 1932
Bentley Mary Bentley Martin Mar-87
Blount, Harmon Asbury Family    
Boone Family Dan Boone  
Bracewell Alma Finney  
Brock, Joseph Thomas Jessie Brock  
Brown, John Miller Sarah Randall Cherry 1988
Buntin Gladys Mills 1986
Burdeshaw, Daniel Helen Huskey Morris 1987
Burdeshaw, John Thomas Bertha Saunders  
Cameron-Frith Melba Cameron Sweet  
Carmichael, Duncan Chalmers    
Cherry Sarah Randall Cherry  
Clendenin Nell Poyner 1987
Coe, Jack    
Coe, James Alexander Virginia Tolleson Cherry  
Couch Gloria Couch and Margaret C. Couch  
Crawford, J.L.  Lilian Crawford McKenzie  
Espy Collier Espy  
Farmer, Charles Brockway Janie Farmer Weathers and Margaret Jones  
Farmer, Walter Cowdery    
Folkes Family Evelyn Mullen Isbel  
Grant Family Mary Bess Grant Evans  
Hall, John Robert, John Veazy Hall William Hall Bledsoe  
Hall, John Robert, John Veazy Hall Estelle Hall 1988
Hammond, Dr. G.A. Martha Hayes  
Harmon Gwen Harmon   
Hilson Evelyn Hilson Johnson  1987
Hornsby Betty King  
Howell, John Robert Graves    
Huskey Helen Huskey Morris  
Jeter Mary Jeter  
Johnson Evelyn & Lawson Johnson  
Jones, Daniel Blynn Betty King  
Knowles S.C. Knowles 1988
Lee, Lucy Foster Lucy Bender  
Lee, William Bell (Willie) Elizabeth Lee Smith  
Lewis, Troy Bradford Sarah Cherry  
Malone, Captain George Yewell Charles Chapman, Florrie Malone, Morris Malone  
Martin, Harry Kennedy Willie Mae Martin McConnico  
Matheny and Sough Families    
McCallum, Neil Hinton     
McEntyre Family Lucy Burns and Barbara Carothers  
Merritt, Gideon Ripley    
Morris, Willie Wallace Malone  Malone and Green   
Mullins Martha Nell Pybus  
Municipal Airport and Establishement of Napier Field Dr. I.C.Bates  
Orr Family History  
Owen, Montana The Dothan Eagle  
Pilcher  Thad G. Long  
Rainey, Charles Walker Lillie Ida Rainey Rutland  
Recreation The Dothan Eagle  
Saliba Family History Norma Saliba Hanson  February, 1988
Sellers Regina McGregor 5-May-87
Skipper, J. C.  Evelyn Isbell  
Spann, Phillip Norman    
Stephenson Gwen Harmon  
Stephenson Mary Earl Stephens  
Ussery Family Evelyn Isbell  
Vaughn Mildred Vaughn Carroll  
Weathers, Franklin Jordan Janie Farmer Weathers  
Williams, William Jarrard Lucy Williams Bender  
Woman's Place The Dothan Eagle  
Yarbrough/McEntyre Elizabeth Willingham  
Young, David Emmanuel Annie Laurie Sellers  






A Tribute to William Hampton Flowers by John T. Milner, progenitor and promoter of Birmingham, September 3, 1895 James Drury Flowers Civil War Story